4 Ways Stress Affects Your Beauty

4 Ways Stress Affects Your Beauty

 Do you ever feel like it's too much to juggle your job, bills, a social life, good sleep, your body, and literally everything in life?

Girl, me too.

That's why you gotta take care of yourself by eating healthy, getting your sleep, and taking advantage of those 'self-care days' to the fullest!

Because if you don't, the stress will do things to you would never even wish on anyone!

Here are four ways that stress can affect your beauty immediately.

#1 Under Eye Bags
Your never-ending to-do list weighs heavy on your mind so much your eyes can feel it. This can lead to a puffy mess of an eyelid that makes you look like Rocky Raccoon. Take care of your stress levels, so you don't look like you just did seven rounds in a boxing ring.

#2 Dry Flaky Skin
In times of high stress, you may forget to hydrate properly and opt to drown yourself in coffee or sodas. This may result in your sky feeling like light sandpaper rubbed on bricks. Make sure you drink some water every half-hour, so you look and feel like a queen.

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#3 Acne
Not this again. Yes, your teenage nemesis could come back if you don't take care of your stress levels. Stress releases cortisol that throws off your hormones and causes breakouts to your face and body. Take a deep breath, sip of water, and take a 30-minute break to focus on yourself - just chill, babe!
#4 Rashes and Hives
These little devils are caused by an imbalance in your gut when stress becomes too much. They happen when too many bad gut bacteria outweigh the good kind. So please, please, please take a break and eat something healthy! You'll be surprised by how a good meal can help your mind and body so much!

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