Empowering Life Beyond Beauty with Pledge 1%

Empowering Life Beyond Beauty with Pledge 1%

We’re big on empowerment here at Gleamin. We strive to empower our team in their day-to-day work and in their day-to-day lives by encouraging team members to take extreme ownership of their projects and by providing a work when you want, where you want schedule. We strive to empower our customers by offering natural skincare that’s environmentally responsible and that works. And we strive to go beyond beauty to empower the world around us.


Transparency is a core value of ours. In upholding this value, we wanted to be transparent with our community about how we’re impacting the world around us and make a commitment so you know it’s real! That’s why we decided to join Pledge 1%.





Partnering with KIVA, we’ve pledged 1% of our profits to provide 0% interest small business loans to people around the globe. What we love about partnering with KIVA is the ability to multiply the impact we have on small businesses in underserved communities. Once the loan is repaid, KIVA helps us lend that money to another small business owners. As we continue to add our contributions empowered by your support of our brand, we can help grow more and more small businesses.


KIVA also provides multiple ways of searching for and choosing projects to provide funding for. For example, we can choose to loan to projects that best align with our brand values such as eco-friendly or other special interest projects. We also love that we can choose whether we want to help someone who’s on the brink of meeting their goal to get across the finish or whether we want to add momentum to help someone get their project off the starting block.


No matter which projects we fund, our favorite part is getting to learn the stories of each small business owner through the info provided on the platform. Each person shares a photo of themselves, where they’re from, and a story about who they are and how the loan will help them improve their business and impact their lives. 


Nourishing Our Community 


We love making an impact across the globe, but of course, we want to make an impact in the community around us. Although an entirely remote company (pre-COVID because that’s how we get down), Gleamin is based in Los Angeles, California where nearly 1 in 5 people live with food insecurity. We’ve partnered with the Los Angeles Food Bank to donate 10,000 meals every year to combat hunger in Los Angeles County. 


With one of the largest populations of any county in the country, LA Food Bank’s vision that “no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County” is one we can get behind.


The Gleam Team 


We want our team members to stand behind a cause too. At Gleamin we strive to hire individuals with diversity of thought, skills, talents, and interests with a common desire to make the world a better place. We strive to empower the Gleamin Team to impact the world in ways that are meaningful to them by making an annual donation of $100 to charity of each team member’s choice in their name. 


Our employees have chosen a variety of organizations that impact the world globally and our local community in Los Angeles, CA. Some of the  organizations our employees have chosen provide reproductive health care for men and women; strive to “end practices that unfairly hold back people back;” operate at the intersection between climate and culture to make lasting changes on the environment; seeks to address the hunger crisis is New York City; and inspires creativity and self-confidence through arts education and dance.

See Real Customer Results

We’ve helped thousands of women fade dark marks, acne scars, and achieve glowing skin!

Using Our Platform to Amplify Others


With all of our efforts to make people feel seen, we want to help bring more awareness to stories that matter. We know that as a brand with a growing platform, we can go beyond sharing our products and the community of people who use them. That’s why we’ve committed to using our platform to amplify the voices of others. From the #blacklivesmatter movement across the globe to femicide in Turkey, we’re committed to using our reach to share stories that matter.


Make sure you’re following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your thoughts on these important conversations. 


Want to learn more?


We know we can’t do it alone. We’re grateful to all of our customers who through their purchases, help empower us to make an impact.  If you want to learn more about who we are, click on the ‘About Us’ section of our website.

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