Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

Chances are, the woman in your life deserves the world, and you would do anything to give it to her. However, the perfect gift for her can prove elusive. What can you get for the woman who already has everything she wants and needs? 


We want to answer that question with a list of ten gift ideas that focuses on experiences over physical objects. After all, just because something doesn’t fit in a box doesn’t mean it can’t be the perfect gift! 


Follow this guide to surprise her with the present she doesn’t know she needs yet.


1. Pamper Her


What better gift is there than relaxation and comfort? Personally, we can’t think of one, which is why ‘pampering her’ takes the number one spot on our list. 


When we say pamper her, we mean go all out. Book her a massage appointment and arrange for her to get a mani/pedi. 


When she arrives home, have a bath waiting for her, complete with a soothing bath bomb or some fragrant Epsom salts. Have her tuck her hair back into a silky satin headband, and let the relaxation begin. 


Finish off the day with the Vitamin C Clay Mask from Gleamin, which will leave her skin, well, gleaming. Thanks to superfood ingredients, like aloe vera and turmeric, this mask allows for stronger, brighter, more hydrated skin. Better yet, she can use this mask multiple nights a week, so that every night feels like spa night, and glowing skin becomes the norm. 

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2. Take Her On An Adventure


Aren’t you both always saying that you want to travel more? 


Well, there’s no time like the present to start making plans. Sweep her away for the week, the weekend, or even just the day, and treat her to some quality time somewhere special. 


While a glamorous vacation to Paris is incredible, we understand this is not exactly accessible or affordable to everyone. Remember that ‘adventure’ and ‘travel’ don’t require you to stray very far from home at all. 


If you’re only able to take off for a weekend, rent an Airbnb nearby and take in the local sights as if you were a tourist. This break will give you the sense that you are on vacation even if you are only twenty minutes from home. Find a new hiking spot, a hidden attraction, or a restaurant you have never been to (but always wanted to try) and get to making some new memories.


3. Customize Her Gift


The best way to make a gift special is by choosing one that only you could give her, as well as one that only she could receive. In other words, make it personalized. 


Maybe this means getting a fun portrait of the two of you in the style of your favorite animated TV show or movie. It might surprise you to learn that you don’t have to break the bank to find a truly meaningful gift. There are many Etsy shops that offer these services in a variety of different TV show styles, such as The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and any anime you can think of. 


Customizing her gift could also mean going full-on 90s and making her a personal playlist full of songs that evoke memories or make you think of her. Update it from time to time, so when she listens to it she always has new surprises to look forward to. It’s not quite a mixtape, but the intention is the same. 


4. The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Subscription Boxes


Subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment, so why not get in on the action? Typically these boxes are purchased for the year, and you get a delivery of goodies every single month. 


The subscription box you choose should (of course) match her interests, and you’re in luck, because there’s a huge selection on offer. If she loves wine, you can buy a subscription box that will deliver new, high-quality wine flavors to her door. Other options include boxes full of beauty supplies, books, or even hot sauce. Whatever interest you are thinking of, there is probably a subscription box for it. 


The best thing about subscription boxes is that they make the original gift last the whole year long, so each month she will get excited to see what will arrive next. 


5. Give The Gift Of Education 


Is she always talking about an instrument or a language that she’s wanted to learn, but never had the chance? Now is the time! Get her set up with everything that she needs to achieve her goals. 


If she wants to learn a language, sign her up for a language-learning subscription service, or for classes at the local community college. Follow this up with practice books that will keep her sharp, and promise you’ll help her study. Maybe you can learn the new language together, so you can plan a trip to a region where the language is spoken when you’re both experts.


You could also sign her up for one-time classes, like pottery or cooking classes. These will be fun experiences that can teach her new skills without the longer term time commitment. 


6. Make A Donation In Her Name 


If it’s really true that this woman has everything, why not donate your money to people that don’t? Any charitable organization or social cause is in constant need of funds, and so, donating money or goods in her name will be a special way to give back to your community. 


Choose a cause that she’s particularly passionate about. Local food banks are always a great option, and you can go one step further by volunteering and preparing food. 


Plenty of organizations related to wildlife preservation give you the option of symbolically adopting an animal, often including cute pictures of the animal as a thank you for your donation. And if anything is better than the spirit of giving, it has to be cute pictures of animals! 


7. Buy Her Sports/Concert Tickets


If she has a favorite sports team, an evergreen present for her is tickets to a game. You could even go so far as to get her season tickets. To really win her over, present the gift with a piece of team merchandise that she can wear to the game. 


Similarly, it’s always a unique experience to listen to your favorite musicians live, so concert tickets make for a fun and exciting gift. Maybe get tickets in a nearby city so you can make a weekend out of the event, and include a mini-itinerary of all the places you can go. 


8. Make It Edible 


Let’s be real: food always makes a great present. As mentioned, there are plenty of subscription boxes that offer monthly deliveries of her favorite foods, such as cheese, coffee, or candy. 


You can also find high-quality food baskets online that include foods from all over the world. Or you can put together a basket of your own with all of her favorite breakfast foods, complete with coffee or tea. 


If you trust yourself in the kitchen, promise to prepare these foods, and serve them to her while she kicks her feet up and savors the taste. 


9. The Gift Of Luxurious Sleep 


Sleep is an absolute necessity, so why not help her fall asleep in luxury? Silky sheets, pillowcases, and pajamas will make her excited for the moment she gets to slip into them.


Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular for their potential benefits, such as improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety. They give you the sensation of being swaddled, so once she is tucked into her weighted blanket, she’ll feel cozy, comforted, and ready for a long nap. 


Another idea is to buy a sound machine that plays soothing audio, like white noise, rainfall or thunderstorms to help her relax or a silent fan to keep her room at the perfect temperature while she is sleeping. 


10. When In Doubt, Go Botanical 


She doesn’t need to have a green thumb to be able to take care of plants. In fact, some plants, like air plants and succulents, require very minimal care to survive. You can house these plants in creative pots, making for gorgeous (and easy!) home decor. 


If she’s feeling more ambitious, set her up with all she needs to start her own garden. For example, a set of herbs that sit on her windowsill, or the materials for a full-blown garden in the backyard. She will love being able to watch these plants grow and also being able to use these plants in her food. 


The Bare Faced Truth 


It can be a challenge to buy gifts for certain people, but this guide should help you find the perfect gift for your loved one. You could surprise her with a Gleamin clay mask, a subscription box service, a weighted blanket, or a collection of new plants.


Instead of a physical present, you may instead want to provide her with a special experience, such as a vacation, local classes, or tickets to see her favorite band. Whatever you choose, each of the gift items in this article will help you show her how much you care. 



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