Girls’ Night: What To Do And How To Have A Fun Time

Girls’ Night: What To Do And How To Have A Fun Time

Ladies, you’ve been quarantining and being good girls for months. You’ve been careful to wear your mask and socially distance, but you miss your friends. No one can blame you for wanting to get together to reconnect and have some fun. 2020 has been a really hard year. So,what better way to cheer up than by having a small girls’ night?


Of course, you should follow whatever safety precautions are recommended in your area by hosting the event outside and avoiding direct contact. You should also check in with everyone beforehand to make sure they’re healthy and comfortable with hanging out. The whole point is to relax, and if everyone is being safe, you’re doing it right. 


So, what’s on the agenda for your next girls’ night in? We’re going to give you some fun ideas for your next stay-at-home girls night to ensure everyone stays safe and still has a blast.


Movies And TV 


There are so many streaming services nowadays: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO… 


With all of those options, it might be harder for people to agree on one. Whether you binge a new tv show that just dropped on Netflix or try some older, classic movies, there’s plenty to pick from!


In fact, there are so many choices that you may feel a little overwhelmed. Luckily, most streaming services allow you to filter by genres, so you can narrow the choices down. 


One way to make a decision is to take a vote or pull some ideas from a hat.

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Book Club


If TV isn’t your thing, how about planning a book club night? Plenty of ladies love to read, and we’ve had a little more time on our hands recently, so there are even more opportunities to lose yourself in a real page-turner.


With good food and the company of some of your best friends, even if the book was a dud, you can still have a good time discussing where it went wrong and how much better it would have been if you all had written it. Maybe you all get your creative writing hats on and come up with an alternative ending! 


Plan For The Future 


Remember when you used to daydream about your next jet setting vacation? On girls’ night, you can keep the dream alive. Just because travel isn’t possible for most people right now doesn’t mean it’ll always be off-limits. Whether it’s within your budget or not, it’s fun to plan that ideal getaway. 


You can get together, sip some wine, and discuss where you’d like to go and why. Maybe you all make a travel board or plan a dream itinerary. 


It’s hard not to feel a little stir crazy after spending months staying home whenever possible. But making a fun bucket list and sharing it with your besties over wine can give you some great ideas for the future. When lockdown restrictions ease again, you’ll have the perfect plan in place for a fun trip with your girlfriends! 


DIY Spa 


Who doesn’t love a good spa day? There are a ton of ways you ladies can pamper yourselves during your much-needed girls’ night in. 


Everything from painting your nails, to wine tasting, to online beginner’s yoga videos is on the table, and there’s a lot to be said for bringing laughter and beauty back into our lives. You may not be able to go out for a real spa day right now, but the spa can come to you.


Doing each other’s hair and makeup before snapping some cute photos is one way to go, but you could also each bring over some beauty products to share. 


If you’re all looking for something a little more low-key, put on a relaxing YouTube playlist, and have everyone put on a face mask. If you want to go the extra mile, chop up a cucumber beforehand, so everyone can put a couple of slices over their eyes, as they lie back and relax to the calming sounds of nature or a meditation soundtrack. 


Gleamin offers an amazing clay mask that comes with its own applicator brush, so you can apply yours with style. Worried about your hair getting all mussed in the mask? Gleamin also offers a super cute headband, which is the definition of no muss, no fuss.


For some extra class, you can all have some calming tea along with your spa treatments. Sipping on a hot cup of tea (or a chilled glass of wine, if you prefer) is a nice way to unwind after a long day. You can apply essential oils to your skin topically, or diffuse them into the air via aromatherapy. Both ways provide another way to heighten your senses, so you feel even more pampered.


Video Games 


There are tons of video games out there. If none of your friends own a console, don’t worry– lots of games are easily downloadable. Bonus points if you have an HDMI cable that allows you to plug your computer into the tv, so everyone can see the screen. 


This might mean one person playing while everyone else gives tips, or you can find a multiplayer game or trivia game, so everyone can join in. Whether you all want to shoot the bad guys, start a farm, or compete at trivia, there’s a game for every gal pal group.

Arts And Crafts


Lots of websites explain step by step processes for getting your craft on. But the best part is that you don’t have to be especially artsy because there are options for people of all abilities. Paint something abstract so it’s all about the fun colors you choose (wine and sip parties are all the rage these days), or choose to make a pretty wreath to hang up for the holidays.


If you’re feeling confident about your abilities, there are candle making kits, home decor making kits, DIY bowl and cup kits, or even bath bombs kits. The possibilities are endless. So, choose a craft, grab some wine and munchies, and enjoy.


Board Games 


While they may not be as popular as they used to be, board games are a fun way to pass the time with your friends. There are lots of card games as well, especially if you like to place fun bets. There are tons of games to pick from, so you’re sure to find something great.


There are the classics like Clue and Twister, but Dungeons & Dragons, while not technically a board game, is a fun experience for ladies who enjoy a little playacting in their lives. Everyone makes up their own character and goes on an adventure through a fantasy world where anything can happen. 




This one might require more effort, but it’s still a fun option. Although you’ve undoubtedly been home more and might be  cooking more than you ever have. So, you might not want to spend your night off doing more cooking. But, if you have a large kitchen or food prep area and you want a great team activity, try cooking something new or creative.


Even if it requires a little bit of organizing, remember, you’ll have your pals working alongside you. Plus, when it’s done, you’ll all have something delicious to feast on while you relax with a well-deserved glass of wine. And, if it doesn’t end up tasting as good as you’d hoped, at least it’s something you can laugh about while you order in!


The great thing about this activity is you can still maintain your social distance by Zooming with your girlfriends for an online cooking class. To go next-level, hire a professional chef to teach you a restaurant-worthy recipe, and then you all can compare notes while you enjoy the meal you made together.


Just Dance


If you’ve been sitting at your job all day, it can be a lot of fun to get up and dance your heart out. Plus, the exercise is great for helping you drop those pesky quarantine pounds and releasing endorphins, which help make you feel happy and energetic. 


A great option is to play Just Dance. We talked about how fun video games are and that they’re not just solo activities, but this isn’t a traditional video game. You choose from various popular songs and it shows the dance moves on the screen as the song plays. The game then scores you on how well you mimic those moves and grades you on your boogie abilities. It’s total fun for your whole troop!




Other than staying safe, there are no rules when it comes to planning the fun for your next epic girls’ night in. We’ve touched on a few ideas, but we’re sure that you and your friends have the creativity to make any night a fun one. 


Remember, when you’re with your friends, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re all together. The important part is that you get to catch up on everything that’s been happening and just enjoy some much-needed gal play time.


Just remember to always be safe when planning a girls’ night together. Follow the recommendations from the local law enforcement, and stay updated on the CDC’s website for more information about how to stay safe while socializing. It’s much easier to enjoy yourself when you know you’re taking the right precautions in these difficult times. So, girls’ night in – who’s in?


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