How To Get Clear Skin And Keep It Healthier

How To Get Clear Skin And Keep It Healthier


With everything going on in the world, it can be hard to find a moment for yourself. The kids are home all the time, and so are you and your spouse, and the house is chaotic. 

But don’t you deserve a little something special too? Sure, you don’t have time to take an entire day at the spa, but what if we could bring the spa to you? We’re here to give you some quick and easy tips to keep your skin looking clear and bright. The good news is that you won’t have to take a ton of time, but you’ll feel the difference almost immediately.  


Or maybe you have too much time on your hands, and you’ve spent hours watching beauty gurus recommending this or that expensive product, and now your head is spinning. We’re here to help. Stop bombarding yourself, take a deep breath, and let us help you find the secrets to the glowing complexion of your dreams.


Keep It Clean 


Washing your face is just common sense, but if you have oily skin or suffer from acne regularly, consider washing your face a little more often. At night and in the morning, rinse your skin and wipe it gently with a washcloth and a cleansing foam or soap. It’s a quick addition to your normal routine that can make a big difference.


If your skin is especially oily, consider washing your hair more frequently. Even if you’re keeping your face clean, excess breakouts around the hairline might indicate that your hair’s natural oils are causing the problem. The oils that keep your locks long and glossy can overwhelm the delicate skin around the scalp and nape of the neck, which might need a little more TLC.

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Find The Right Solution 


There’s a lot of cleansers on the market, so how do you know which one to choose? First, check the ingredient list. Cleansers with artificial ingredients and fragrances are more likely to irritate your sensitive skin. You can find all-natural soap, foam, and gel cleansers to use that are gentler on your skin.


Suit Up 


We cannot stress enough how important it is to wear sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays are harsh on every part of your body. Minimize your exposure to direct sunlight, especially during the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM, when the sun is at its strongest. Some sunscreens aren’t specially formulated for oily skin, but it’s easy to find ones that are lighter on the skin.


It’s not only about your face, either. You should also wear lightweight long-sleeved tops, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself when the sun is up. Even if it’s cloudy or raining, the UV rays are still coming down on your unsuspecting skin. Don’t take your skin lightly; skin cancer is more common than you’d expect. So, protect what Mother Nature gave you.


Supplement Your Life 


Dietary supplements are a safe, natural way to improve your body’s health. You can take supplements every day to maintain a healthy diet, which also helps your skin. Want clearer skin? Look for supplements that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 


If there’s one vitamin you should look out for, it’s vitamin C. It’s basically a super vitamin when it comes to your skin health. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps soothe inflammation and helps you produce more collagen, which keeps your skin looking young. It also helps your skin’s natural regeneration process and can repair the damage done by the sun’s UV rays.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize 


Need we say it again? Some people are dealing with excess oil and acne because their skin is dry, and their body is overcompensating by overproducing oil. That means breakouts. But you can change all that and grab that clear complexion you’ve always dreamed of.


Luckily, you don’t need expensive, complicated treatments. Just make sure that you stay hydrated and incorporate a moisturizer and moisturizing face mask a few times a week, so you can naturally correct that dryness. If you find a moisturizer labeled non-comedogenic, it will be less likely to clog your pores. If you’re really worried, look for a ‘light’ moisturizer.


Some people notice that the winter months are especially brutal on already dry skin, so be sure to incorporate a heavier moisturizing routine during those months.




This is just a fancy term for removing dead skin cells before they pile up and get infected. Dead skin cells clog your pores and lead to more breakouts. Your body naturally sloughs off skin cells when they die and leaves the new cells underneath, but you can help this process along. Use a washcloth or facial brush to gently massage away the dead skin. A face mask can have a similar effect.


Be wary of exfoliating too much. For masks and lotions, among other chemical exfoliants, you should aim for once or twice a week. Start small and work up to more to avoid irritating your sensitive skin. For physical exfoliation with a washcloth or brush, you can do it three or four times a week, but, again, be gentle. 


If you have inflammatory acne, talk to your dermatologist first before switching up your skincare routine because sometimes exfoliation can irritate the cysts and make the condition worse.




This is a big one. It’s harder than ever to just chill out, but sometimes, you need to take the time to let go of stress, even if it’s only for a little while. High levels of stress impact all aspects of your life, including your appearance. The real secret to naturally amazing looking skin is less stress – eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and all of those other good things help too.


When you’re stressed, it’s easy to justify binging on junk food and unhealthy drinks instead of hydrating properly with the water your body needs. This can result in your skin becoming dry and flaky or lead to an overproduction of oil to compensate for the dryness. On top of that, stress messes with your hormones, which can cause more breakouts.


So, what can you do? Life isn’t going anywhere, but there are plenty of types of exercise, meditation, and other hobbies, which can give you an outlet for those negative feelings. Also, it may be tempting when you’re making your own hours to stay up late and get your sleep schedule out of whack, but consider going to bed earlier once in a while. You need that rest. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. 


In reality, not getting enough sleep can lead your body to produce more cortisol and glucose than needed, which causes inflammation and triggers breakouts. No, thank you.


Check Your Makeup 


We haven’t been getting dolled up as often in the past few months because of the pandemic, but you may have continued your daily routine for all of those Zoom calls. Beware – if your goal is clearer skin, you should always check the ingredients in your makeup to make sure it’s safe for sensitive skin. Try to find products that are oil-free or non-comedogenic, because they’ll be less likely to clog your pores and more likely to give you that healthy glow.


In addition, wash your hands both before and after applying makeup to avoid getting your hand oils on your face. You should also clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis. Remember to remove your makeup before exercising or sleeping. Leaving it on all night while you roll around is never good. 


If you’re able to, take the occasional day off from your makeup routine. Putting on too much primer, foundation, and concealer can end up causing blocked pores and even more things for you to conceal. It’s a vicious cycle that you can put an end to by minimizing your makeup from time to time. Sometimes you need a break – and so does your face. 


Watch What You’re Picking 


Everyone tells you not to scratch or pick at your zits, and we know it’s hard to follow that advice. When it’s right there with a white head, just begging for someone to pop it, it’s tough to resist the urge. But when you pick or pop a zit, you’re exposing the infected pore to bacteria in the air and from your hands. It greatly increases the risk of further infection and scarring. So, sit on your hands, and try to refrain from popping.


Stay Out Of The Cookie Jar 


There’s definitely some research on how your diet affects your skin, and we all know that too much sugar isn’t good for anyone. Watch out for white bread and baked goods, which are high in glucose, as well as the more traditional sugary sodas and candy. Instead, try to increase the number of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy sources of protein in your diet to clear your skin and keep it looking fabulous.


No Smoking 


Smoking has a lot of negative effects on your body, and acne is another one to add to the already long list. If you are looking for help quitting tobacco use, you can talk to your doctor about strategies to help you stop smoking. Having a clear face is just one of the many benefits of kicking a nicotine addiction.


In Summary 


Nowadays, there’s an even higher amount of pressure to obtain (and maintain) flawless-looking skin at all times. With social media exploding, it’s hard to know whether that’s really what people look like or if it’s a filter. 

And it’s not just young people either. Whatever your age, the quality of the skin you’re in can greatly affect your overall mood, and now, more than ever, we need to take advantage of the little things in life that bring us joy. So, say yes to clearer skin.


But first things first. Always try and shut down those unrealistic expectations. No one looks fantastic all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. By taking some effective and all-natural steps towards healthier skin, you can boost your self-esteem and stay looking great under that vitamin C-filled mask. Take a load off, relax, and give your skin the TLC it deserves! 



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