Overnight Pimple Care

Overnight Pimple Care

Overnight Pimple Care You Should Be Doing Tonight


Picture this: It’s the night before your first day at a new job, and the pesky pimple on your forehead still hasn’t hit the road. The prognosis isn’t looking good--you might just have to meet your new coworkers without the clear skin of your dreams. 


On the other hand, you still have this last night of sleep to launch one final attack on your pimple. And if you use the right products, you can wake up as if the pimple was never even there in the first place. 


Though it sounds too good to be true, some skincare products really do work like magic. Keep reading to find out exactly what to use to eliminate pimples overnight!


Baseline Skincare Rules 


Before we get into your options for overnight pimple care, let’s first discuss the skincare choices you should be making every day. After all, you wouldn’t need to treat acne if you didn’t get it in the first place!


First things first, make sure to cleanse your skin twice a day, every day. Cleansers help remove any excess dirt, oil, debris, and dead skin cells from your skin, all of which clog your pores and cause breakouts. The base of any skincare routine needs to be a cleanser, so if you do anything for your skin, it should be this.


However, note that cleansing more than twice a day actually strips your skin of some of its essential oils and irritates the area. Cleansing too much causes just as much damage as not cleansing at all, so stick with two times a day.


Next, add to your routine by applying an oil-free moisturizer onto cleansed skin. Moisturizers hydrate the skin, keeping it structured, firm, and elastic. They also strengthen the surface of the skin and minimize the production of excess oil. All of these things better prepare the skin to fight and ward off acne.


Now, let’s talk makeup: when you’re buying new products, look for the word non-comedogenic on the label. Non-comedogenic products will not clog the pores and therefore won’t create the conditions necessary for breakouts. This label is especially important for makeup products that go over the entirety of the face, like foundation and toner. 


Also, try not to fall asleep while still wearing makeup. Even makeup that promises to be non-comedogenic can clog your pores when kept on overnight, which eliminates the purpose of buying non-comedogenic products in the first place. We know it feels like a drag sometimes, especially on the nights when you’re really tired, but wearing makeup to bed is one of the biggest no-nos in the book. 


If you have consistent acne that doesn’t respond well to over-the-counter treatments, you should see your dermatologist to figure out a plan that works best for your skin’s needs. Some of the treatment methods below (like spot treatments) may interact poorly with prescription acne medication, so discuss with your dermatologist before using them. 

See Real Customer Results

We’ve helped thousands of women fade dark marks, acne scars, and achieve glowing skin!

Vitamin C Clay Mask 


You may associate face masks with self-care days, and sure, we like the idea that our mask will leave you feeling pampered. But our Vitamin C Clay Mask gives you more than just glowing skin; it also combats acne and acne scarring and evens skin tone and texture. 


Our clay mask is 100% natural, perfect for all skin types, dermatologist-tested, vegan, and cruelty-free. These are the powerful ingredients that make up this mask:


  • • Turmeric: Turmeric is a tasty spice associated with south Asian cuisine, but did you know that turmeric is also a powerful antioxidant? That’s right: turmeric reduces inflammation in the skin, giving you that desired glow. It also works to enhance collagen production and even your skin tone. 

  • • Kakadu Plum: This fruit puts the vitamin C in our Vitamin C Clay Mask. No other plant in the world can claim to have as much of this essential vitamin as the Kakadu plum. Vitamin C’s most crucial role is in supporting the immune system, of which the skin is an essential part. It also minimizes breakouts and other imperfections on the skin. 

  • • Aloe Vera: When we think aloe vera, we think of the ultimate hydrating ingredient. Aloe vera will keep your skin looking and feeling moisturized, protect the skin from debris, and even lessen inflammation. 

  • • Finger Lime Caviar: Finger lime caviar (sounds fancy, huh!?) has a high concentration of potassium, vitamin B, and vitamin E and is also rich in antioxidants. It also supports better collagen production. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin its strength and structure.  

  • • Desert Lime: Similar to aloe vera, desert lime will get your skin nice and hydrated. Its antioxidant properties brighten your skin, while its supply of moisture keeps the skin firm and strong. 

  • • Yellow Australian Clay: There would be no clay mask without clay itself. Yellow Australian clay detoxifies the skin and stimulates increased flow, which lessens the risk of breakouts. 

    Each of these ingredients work together to create an acne-fighting, skin-strengthening, glow-boosting mask


    Here’s how you should use your mask to see results overnight: 


    1. Push your hair back with this twisted satin headband.
    2. Gently cleanse the skin.
    3. Apply the mask with your super-smooth brush.
    4. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and let it do its thing.
    5. Use warm water to rinse the mask off--you may already notice improvement.
    6. Pat your face dry and head to sleep.
    7. Wake up feeling rejuvenated.


    Spot Treatment


    Spot treatments are over-the-counter topical treatments that help you get rid of individual pimples. This means you should use spot treatments sparingly, rather than spreading them over your whole face.


    Just dab the cream onto the targeted area before bed and let it sit--you don’t have to rinse it off until morning. Spot treatments eliminate redness and inflammation, although they may also dry out the skin. Combat this by using an oil-free moisturizer once you’ve stopped needing the spot treatment.


    Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are the two most common types of spot treatments. Keep in mind that while some people claim you can use toothpaste as a spot treatment, this is a myth. Stick to dermatologist-recommended skincare products.


    Tea Tree Oil 


    Tea tree oil is an essential oil that has long been lauded for its antibacterial properties. It’s effective against certain common types of bacteria that actually cause acne.


    Some people, especially those with sensitive skin, find that tea tree oil irritates their skin. To test if tea tree oil works for you, put a drop or two on an acne-free area of your skin (your wrist, say) and wait a couple of minutes to see if anything happens. If not, you’re all good to go.


    To use, dilute the tea tree oil with another oil (olive oil will work). Then use a cotton swab to dap the diluted oil directly onto the pimple. You can apply moisturizer afterwards, though this is an optional step. 


    Green Tea


    Green tea seems to have endless benefits, and reducing acne is no exception. Just as green tea lessens inflammation in the body, it also limits inflammation of the skin. In addition, it stops excess oil production and bacterial growth. Oil buildup, bacteria, and inflammation all trigger breakouts, so green tea is able to bring down that risk.


    And get this: you don’t even need to buy a special product to experience the benefits of green tea. Simply prepare a cup of hot green tea as you normally would and cool it down, then apply the mix to your pimple. Leave it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning. 


    Aloe Vera 


    Aloe vera is a powerful ingredient in the world of skincare. We typically use aloe vera to soothe sunburn, but aloe vera reduces other types of inflammation, as well. If your pimple is red and inflamed, aloe vera will calm the skin in that region and relax any irritation.


    Use aloe vera on its own (if buying it in a bottle, look for pure aloe vera, which has no added ingredients) or mix it with other acne-reducing ingredients, like salicylic acid. Either way, you don’t have to rinse aloe vera off at any point. 


    Whatever You Do, Never Pop A Zit!


    We completely get the appeal of popping pimples. It seems like the fastest way to get over a pimple, and it only takes a relatively painless second to do it. Also, we’re not afraid to admit it; there’s something kind of satisfying about popping pimples.


    That said, stop what you’re doing right now and keep your fingers away from your face. We mean it! The potential short-term benefits of popping pimples mean very little once you consider that doing so can leave permanent scars. 


    Think about it: has it ever really worked out that once you pop a pimple it just disappears? If it has, you’re seriously lucky and should go buy lotto tickets right this instant. In most cases, pimple popping will further inflame the skin and make it harder for the blemish to heal. 


    Resist the urge to pop your zit and instead try these other treatments we’ve outlined for you. Your skin will thank you for it! 


    The Takeaway


    Pimples are the worst, and they tend to pop up at the most inconvenient times. Prevent breakouts by cleansing your skin regularly and using non-comedogenic makeup. However, when breakouts do occur, there are a couple of options you have in terms of overnight pimple care.


    Our Vitamin C Clay Mask, spot treatments containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, green tea, and aloe vera are all excellent and primarily natural ways to get rid of pimples quickly. With the help of these products, you’ll achieve smoother, more refreshed, and less acne-prone skin. 




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