Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Vitamin C Facial Mask

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Vitamin C Facial Mask

Facial masks are so popular these days that they’ve become part of most women’s beauty routine.  And it’s not surprising too since you can see and feel the results in a matter of minutes.   

These masks are loaded with all kinds of skin nutrients that can target specific skin problems. And one of the most popular ones are the facial masks containing Vitamin C.

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Here are only some of the good things a Vitamin C mask can do for your skin:


  • Younger looking skin. It’s never too early to start on an anti-aging regimen.  That’s where this nutrient can help big time. It plays a big role in collagen production which is crucial when it comes to reducing wrinkles and fine lines and tightening the skin to prevent it from sagging. 

  • Brightens complexion. Vitamin C is acidic and can work as an exfoliant. It can remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, leaving it looking smoother and brighter. And It’s powerful antioxidants reduce dark spots and discoloration to even out your skin tone and give you a vibrant glow

  • Hydrates skin. Vitamin C has a hydrating effect on the skin. It allows your skin to better retain moisture so it’s great for dry and dehydrated skin types. The water from the mask goes deep into the skin’s layers to soften it and improve its elasticity, giving it a more plump and youthful look.

  • Protects from UV rays. If your skin is dry, it burns easier. That’s why the moisture that Vitamin C provides acts as a natural barrier against the sun’s harmful rays. Vitamin C can also help with sunburns because it accelerates cell turnover so it can replace damaged cells with healthy new ones.

  • Reduces inflammation.  Vitamin C also has anti-inflammatory qualities. It helps calm the inflamed parts of the skin and reduces redness and irritation to create a more even complexion. This is also great for people who wake up with puffiness around the eyes and in other areas of their face. 


Using a clay mask that is rich in Vitamin C will do wonders for your skin. Use the Gleamin™ Vitamin C Clay Mask today and get all these benefits. You can thank us later.

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