Covid 19

To all of our Gleamin’ customers - we hope you're staying safe during these tough, bizarre times.

Gleamin’ strives to be transparent with all of our customers - now is the time that you want updates more than ever. We want to inform you that we are operating as per usual, with added protection across our warehousing, ensuring that your orders are dispatched in a safe manner. We are sanitizing frequently and doing our best to keep up with your orders.

Please read below - due to COVID-19, please expect some delays.

Disclaimer: We kindly ask for your understanding and patience due to the current Coronavirus situation. Standard shipping will be delayed for all countries. We will continue to work to deliver products as soon as possible while we keep our close attention on the situation.

Please also note that there may be a delay in updates from your tracking number - this is not on our end, it is due to the shipping carrier, so please keep this in mind when tracking your parcel. If a tracking number has been created, your package will be handed off to the carrier within 24 hours. Some packages are being delivered even after having no tracking whatsoever. Due to this, we will only be replacing items as follows:

*DOMESTIC ORDERS: after 10 days of no movement on the package.
*INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: after 15 days of no movement on the package.

We understand this is not ideal, however, this is only temporary and we hope things can go back to normal quickly. Thank you for your patience and understanding.