Going beyond beauty

At Gleamin, we’re all about empowering people. While that starts with skincare, we see no reason to stop there. Now, more than ever, we recognize our responsibility to go beyond superfood beauty, and so, we want to help people and organizations that need support to live life on their own terms.

Supporter of Kiva.

This international non-profit is re-imagining charity, focusing on expanding financial access to underserved communities to help them flourish independently. In a shared vision of providing resources to empower and motivate individuals, we will begin this Pledge in 2021 by contributing 1% of profits to KIVA projects, with a minimum amount set to $20,000.

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And There’s More…

Nourishing our community.

It’s time to boot the hunger out of humanity. By teaming up with Food Bank LA, we’re donating 10,000 meals annually to nourish the local community with good, wholesome food.

Taking a stand on social media.

Social media is a powerful medium when you use it right. We aim to use our global platforms to educate our community on social justice. By empowering our community with the knowledge and support they need, more people have the confidence to stand up for what is right.

Helping every employee make a difference.

We believe that everyone should have a legacy. Each year, every single one of our employees can make a real difference, as we donate $100 to any organization they wish to support.