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A Guide to Fading Dark Spots & Achieving a Luminous Glow!

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Get Your Gleam On! It’s time to experience an instant bare-faced glow with the Gleamin™ Shine Bright Vitamin C Clay Mask. This transformative blend of hard-working natural ingredients targets and fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation, leaving your complexion utterly radiant. The world is waiting for you to put your best face forward … and now you can, thanks to Gleamin™.

How it all works...

First, our mask’s natural exfoliants clean out dirt and dead skin.

Next, the native Australian ingredients buff, brighten and refine skin tone and texture.

Then, powerful Super-fruits stimulate collagen-synthesis to enrich and hydrate the skin.

Finally, the mask’s natural anti-inflammatory crew soothes and heals any imperfections.

Viola! After just 10 short minutes, your skin goes from dull and angry to revitalized and happy!

Yellow Australian Clay

Detoxify & Buff

Australian Yellow Clay is perfect for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin. It revitalizes skin by drawing out pore-clogging oils and impurities. Plus, it offers toning and strengthening properties that stimulate blood circulation, prevent future breakouts and restore your healthy glow!

Turmeric + Aloe Vera

Glow & Hydrate

Powerful Glow-Duo Aloe Vera and Turmeric help to even the skin-tone and protect it from nasties. Aloe acts as a protective layer on the skin and replenishes moisture, while Turmeric revitalizes skin-tone, bringing out your beautiful natural glow.

The Australian Native Super-Fruit Trio

Balance & Heal

This powerful blend features the richest known sources of Vitamin C. It works fast, fighting acne and prevent future breakouts. And, this super-fruit trio has Ninja-like powers working beneath the surface to heal imperfections and even-out skin tone, giving you a healthy, confident glow.

Shine Bright™

Natural Ingredients, Great Results.

My skin is a lot brighter and my complexion is more even thanks to gleamin!!!

After trying this product for a couple of weeks, every other day, I can honestly say that I am very pleased with my results. Although by scars are not completely faded, they have lightened, significantly.

Excellent! I'm a clay mask fanatic and this is just a new stable. Smells great, simple/effective ingredients, and overall a great at home facial in a jar!

I never have set a high expectation on this clay mask but it gave me really great results! It is so gentle and effective.

Cannot explain how good this mask has been for my skin! Have been using it for around 2 months now!

My dark spots are disappearing & skin feels smoother and looks a lot brighter. I like the slight tingle feeling you get when using the mask too!

The packaging is great! I love the texture and consistency of this mask. Just today I received a compliment that my skin looks "glowy" and "dewy"!

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