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Visibly reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots, scarring, and blemishes with our dermatologist-approved skincare. Powered by nature-fueled innovation for your brightest skin and spirit. Join 500,000+ customers today.

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Consumer Testing




the mask fades dark spots and age spots.



their skin appears brighter.



their skin appearance is improved after 1 use.

*Based on a 3rd party consumer perception study of 36 people, ages 18-64 completing 12 applications of the Vitamin C Clay Mask over 28 days.

500,000+ Happy Customers

"I suffer from cystic acne which can scar skin. Gleamin has saved my face from permanent scaring. Gleamin reverses darks spots quickly and brightens complexion. I highly recommend and have been using it for two years"

Nelly Viera

"My husband loves how this products works on me, and I've shared it with others so they can see. I get lots of compliments and been using this mask for over two years, many think I wear foundation but I don't, I don't wear anything extra, the beauty is because of your mask. Thanks so much"

" I started 1 year ago and also gifted my mom. She always forgets sunscreen and had a dime size dark sunspot on her face which has almost disappeared 85%! Have been using it only on weekends."

TrustPilot Reviewer

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