Our 'Existing vs New' Product Guide

Our 'Existing vs New' Product Guide

Our Gleamin Glow Up: The before + after guide to navigating our product upgrades

Across all of our formulas we made changes to improve performance, how the formula feels on skin and providing you with the best ingredients and concentration levels of the most efficacious ingredients to improve the signs of pigmentation (uneven skin tone, discoloration, dark spots and dullness). With the exception of our mask, our formulas feel very different than before and perform at a higher level due to the addition of so many skin-loving nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and more!

Vitamin C Clay Mask

We have been working behind the scenes to make our best-selling mask to be a better experience than before for you! PLUS! We increased the size of the jar so you get more product with each purchase. It was previously 2.1 ounces and we increased it to 2.5 ounces.

The main addition to this glow up is the added ingredient HydroClay, which helps to enhance the following:

  • Increases the feel of hydration (smoother, softer skin) after you wash off the formula
  • Improvement in dry time which results in little to no flaking as the formula dries on your face
  • Increases the ease of the formula going on to your face for a smoother and more comfortable experience
  • Increases the product stability for a better shelf life


15% Vitamin C Superactive Serum

This truly is our biggest glow up. With this formula things feel different and perform at a whole new level. It is not the same product for the reason that we felt you deserved better and if you are interested in improving your uneven skin tone, discolorations and dark spots, this pigmentation hero is a great place to start.

Big changes found in this bottle:

  • Increased Vitamin C levels to 15% for targeted action to reduce pigmentation
  • Added 3% Tranexamic Acid to help reduce existing dark spots and discoloration, prevent the formation of new pigmentation and support the health of the skin barrier
  • Added botanical based retinol called Bakuchiol for brightening benefits
  • Increased Niacinamide from 1% to 4% to reduce pigmentation and support skin barrier health to tolerate the high level actives found in this formula
  • The previous formula is water-like whereas the new serum is more of a true serum with an immediate slight dewy/sticky sensation that settles over time and is a result of the high actives


Vitamin C Advanced Energy Cream

This cream got a serious boost in hydrators and skin-health reinforcers making it a must try. It feels and acts like a whole, new hydration solution to energize, hydrate and illuminate.

Serious glow up of ingredients:

  • Included three ceramides for increased hydration and skin barrier support
  • Increased Vitamin C to over 3% with four sources for enhanced brightening
  • Included electrolytes to replenish (energize) and support skin health with Magnesium PCA, Manganese PCA & Zinc PCA


3% Vitamin C Supernutrient Oil

This oil skyrocketed in Vitamin C content for a significant increase in brightening and skin tone evening. Simultaneously, this formula feels very different from the previous version. The new oil is dense and very hydrating which is great for those who want a heavier hydration experience. Our previous oil was more of a lightweight dry oil, so if this is something you used previously expect this formula to feel very different and perform even better on minimizing pigmentation on skin.

  • Vitamin C concentration increased dramatically:
  • Increased Vitamin C from 1% to 3% (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate)
  • Increased Cloudberry Seed Oil from 3% to 42% for increased Vitamin C and hydration
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