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When Is The Best Time To Apply Clay Mask?


Face masks are all the rage nowadays. And it’s no surprise since they’re packed with nourishing ingredients that do wonders for your skin. 

And it doesn’t matter what kind of mask you apply, whether it is a sheet, clay, or charcoal mask, they each have their own strengths and distinct benefits for the skin.

If you are like the vast majority of women, then you probably apply your mask at night, before you go to bed, right?

Well,  according to some beauty experts, there’s a lot of good that can be done for your skin if you apply your mask in the AM.

If you apply your mask in the morning, it gives your skin a much-needed hydration boost. Plus, it preps your skin for makeup too. In fact, it can even take the place of a primer, so that’s one step less in your makeup routine. 

It also gives your skin an added glow. It makes skin feel tighter and it minimizes pores as well.  

But, hold up! This doesn’t mean that you should completely give up masking in the evening. It all really depends on the ingredients of your mask. If it is meant to hydrate skin then wear it in the morning. But if it has clarifying and exfoliating ingredients then its best to use them at night.

Now if you’re looking for one particular clay mask that does the job so well, regardless of the time of day you apply it then it’s best to get one whose main ingredient is a surefire beauty remedy like Vitamin C.